Balance Diet

Balance diet is a diet in which every food component is included in right proportion depending upon the every individuals requirements. It should be n such a format so that the need of protein, Mineral, Vitamin, Fiber and other nutrient is adequately met. Balance diet is a well combination of macro and Micro nutrients. In a well balanced diet the energy proportion should be in this way. Energy from carbohydrate 60-65%, Energy from Protein 12-15% and Energy from fat is 20-25%. In a well balance diet carbohydrate should be included adequately, Vegetables and fruits should be used liberally, Pulses and dairy products should be included moderately and fats and oils including sugar should be used carefully. Also addition of green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits or you can say a naturally colorful diet is always a sign for a Balance diet.
Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.
Bethenny Frankel

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