Muscle Max Fast gain is the very fast energy release product as it contains good amount of carbohydrate with balance portion of protein and satisfactory portion of fat in it. Carbohydrate and Fat provides energy to your body and improve your body work,. Carbohydrate are long chain of glucose molecules when they breaks they release energy, to break these chains of carbohydrate our body produce enzymes than only we get the relevant energy but in our product we have added mono and disaccharide carbohydrate which produce energy with ease. Meanwhile Protein helping your body muscle by means of repairing and maintenance, Also the portion of protein in this Fast gain full fill your physical protein requirement, as we should know the right amount of protein is very essential to our body generally we cannot get the proper amount of protein from our normal diet so here we are providing you the same with our new Muscle Max Fast gain.


INGREDIENT Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Whole Milk Powder, Dietary Fiber, Xanthan Gum (INS 415), Silica
(INS 551), Sucralose (INS 955), Aspartame (INS 951) & Amino Acid

*Contains Natural and Artificial Flavoring and Coloring Agent
(Natural Identical Flavoring and Coloring Substances)


USES RECOMMENDATION Mix two Scoop of Muscle Max Fast Gain Food supplements twice a day or as per your nutritionist/trainer with water or milk than shake well and  consume accordingly. For Better result take Muscle Max Fast Gain serving before going to sleep or after a dinner.



This pack contains dry health supplement powder hence it is very sensitive to humidity and odors available in the atmosphere. An extra care is required to maintain the flavor and texture of this product. Please store in a cool (below room temperature) and dry place and keep the cap tight always.


INFORMATION This product is Food supplement, not for any medicinal use. Please consult your Trainer or
Nutritionist for any discomfort.

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