Muscle Max Sport Nutrition (M2S Nutrition) is a India based Company, It is a Initiative of make in India. As we are  young country, we have more than 50% of population within the age group of 25. That is the main reason food supplement industry is increasing day by day. According to a recent report (CAGR) Neutraceutical industry is more than 4 Billion Dollar in India and it is going to increase 18% by 2022.  In which more than 60% portion is covered by food supplement. In India we have very huge market of food consumption as we Import food supplement in large scale as the demand of food supplement is gradually increasing. But people are not getting the original food supplement. Most of the food supplement item is fake or they are missing in quality. Hence Muscle Max Sport Nutrition (M2S Nutrition) is here to provide a unique food supplement. Keeping all this in mind we started a small food supplement unit in 2016 from the very beginning were too much focused on quality and still to provide a quality food supplement is our first priority. Our goal is to provide a tasty and good food supplement to our end user. That is the reason we gradually expended our business venture Muscle Max Sport Nutrition (M2S Nutrition) to a next level.

Our Goals: To provide a best food supplement in Industry, we are very much focused on our quality we want to provide good quality food supplement to our end customer. To ensure all these things we have Fostac Trained professional in our organization, they always keeping a close eye on every single step at our manufacturing unit.

Our Priority: Muscle Max Sport Nutrition (M2S Nutrition) is too much focused on Quality. It is always our Priority in terms of Good taste, easy mixibilty, proper thickness and digestibility without any side effects on body. We have fssai trained professional (fostac) Our trained professional continuously checking and working on each product to improve and enhance the particular products quality.

 Our Achievements: In 2016 we started our Muscle Max Sport Nutrition (M2S Nutrition) business. At the yearend Demonetization takes place it was really a tough time for every small Industry. But due to our Quality focused approach we manage to survive and we take over that time of period   In 2018 we launched our Max Series, it becomes very popular still it is a big hit in the market.

We are very thankful of our Distributors, Retailers and our lovely customer. Only because of their love and acceptance we are launching our Third edition with a brand new series of Muscle Max Sport Nutrition (M2S Nutrition).

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!

― Karl Lagerfeld

Some people do not afford a healthy diet and lifestyle because of their health insurance.

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream

– Muhammad (pbuh)